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"SO COLORS" Anna Zaprzelska
ul. Wielorybia 101/12
85-435 Bydgoszcz

NIP 9241311031
REGON 093078828
Bank account number: PL70 1140 2004 0000 3102 7472 7983

tel. +48 608 324 069

Wholesale rules

  1. To cooperate for resell our products we please stationary and online stores worldwide.
  2. The amount of minimum order is 300,00 Polish Zloty.
  3. Prices quoted in the shop include VAT. For customers with verified UE VAT numbers or customers outside UE prices including 0% VAT.
  4. Prices and possibility of ordering on our wholesale site are only available to logged-in customers.
  5. The ability to log-in are only for registered and fully activated customers.
  6. Users not logged in  have only the opportunity to review our wholesale offer in "catalog mode ", with no visible pricees and without possibility of ordering.
  7. Our wholesale and retail stores are separated sites:
    • They contain a different range of products.
    • Log in to each site takes place separately, ie. username and password registered in one of the sites do not apply in the other. Client wholesalers wanting to do some shopping in our retail store must register on it again.
    • There is no option to join carts from our wholesale and retail stores.

Register as a wholesale customer LemonCraft

To start collaboration as a wholesale customer, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for our wholesale website, including company name and tax identification number.
  2. After registration you will automatically receive a confirmation email. Forward it to us to the address and adding a few words about your business: a stationary or website store address, your business profile.
  3. After verifying your registerig data we will activate your account - you receive an email telling you that you can place orders in our wholesale.

Orders with shipping abroad

Aboard delivery depends on many factors. In order to provide our customers with optimal delivery times and reasonable costs for each order we offer individual choice of carrier. The procedure orders with shipment abroad consists of the following steps:

  1. Place the products in the shopping cart. Go to the checkout.
  2. During ordering process select "Ask for shipping cost" as delivery method.
  3. Confirm your order. This is important: without confirmed order we cannot evaluate shipping cost.
  4. Wait for email from us with a proposal shipping and payment method.